HBBC - 5 Habits Bloggers Need To Stop

Topic by Noor El Terk

I don't know if being a blogger, there are certain things I should not be doing. I mean why the hell wouldn't it be just a place for random ranting and blabbering.
Oh, I wasn't supposed to say that, was I?
Write down. Mistake number one.

1- Pay attention
To people's thoughts. I know a blog is a place for everyone to say whatever the heck they want to say or what comes to mind and needs blabbering about whatsoever. But knowing that your blog has an audience holds you hellish responsible for what you say. So no, don't blabber, it's not always good for you and others.

2- Life's not all 'I'm sick of.."
Stop whining too much, you'll drive people away, and no I don't mean that you won't have readers. I mean seriously, you might not even have than many friends because the more you whine online the more you whine offline, or at least you'll look gloomy and sad, and believe me, people need no more of those drama queens. Everyone's pain is hard enough for them to handle. Get your shit together.

3- Don't be different
Difference here means going so out of the flow just to make yourself 'OMG I look way cooler than anyone'. Like, don't philosophize too much just to have a different opinion that doesn't make sense even to the most insane people.

4- Everyday? Come on!
Sometimes writing too much makes you write about things that are either too boring, too cliche or just too empty. You don't have to blog everyday, you might as well consume your brain and try to get new ideas that weren't there before, ideas published just to avoid feeling a writer's block. Be easy on yourself, you're not there to amuse people. Your blog, your rules, people who follow you follow your rules.

5- Don't underestimate..
the mind of your reader and don't give them posts that are too long talking about an issue that doesn't need a genius mind to think about. Simplicity is the best example. Writing things in complicated, long words will not make it any easier for you nor for the one reading your words. Be smooth. Simple.