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Imagination means Responsibility

"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing." -Benjamin Franklin
Being a reader, I thought writers were so very lucky, they got the whole dictionary of feelings and sentiments in their own hands, striving to create, from their imagination, into the real world, an image that comes to life as the reader goes by. But being a writer, I envied readers, because they take what I never took, each time they read something they thought they understood in a way, next time the interpretation will most probably differ, while mine..it stays the same. However, I carry the responsibility of writing what I am writing, now, and every single day I write, and if you think about it..it's applicable to every kind of art.
You can never really run away from responsibility, if you want to be an artist, you have to be responsible because the whole world will be watching you; scrutinizing, criticizing, doing everything they can to find your flaws-oh and you thought it was easy!
What's written never really dies with time unless you choose to kill it with your own weakness..but once it had its effect on somebody-and I mean negative effect-know that YOU are the one carrying this burden. I'm often picky when it comes to writing, especially articles, because whenever I want to waste someone's precious time on reading, it should be worth it, at least the idea, even if I'm the ugliest writer in the whole world.
Most people in our society think artists are dreamy, unreasonable and idealist. Despite the fact that all artists search for perfection and immortality-or at least most of them-if you're not being dreamy, you're not being reasonable; it only means you're unimaginative and ungifted, and we all know everyone's gifted until they stop to think.
Bottom line is: If you want to be gifted, you have to be responsible, every beautiful thing can get ugly because you never knew how to take full advantage of it, and your gift isn't yours, don't be selfish for it all will come down on you. Speak to the world while you create!