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The Janitor

"Fox News: Rich people paying rich people to tell middle class people to blame poor people"

He told me that, even though the political situation doesn't seem promising, and every time the clouds make way for the sun, some enormous power fights back and things go three steps backwards instead of just one; he told me he's optimistic. And I needed a reminder. Because, because sooner or later, we shall be free, sooner or later it will not be just a dream nor a too-close-to-happen thing. It will be. We just need more than the shadow of dreams, maybe the darker the shadow, the closer to reality even if it's just a shadow. We shall take six steps forward.

But then I was taking a nap, and I heard some noise outside. Me, thinking it's just our janitor having the daily fight with his wife, I went into deep sleep again. Things eventually calmed down and I continued my day with my cup of tea and a novel to read.
But right at that moment when you start to really enjoy your time indulging yourself in a phone call with a friend, the voices went loud again and my concentration was barely on the surface. To make sure, I peeked. Things were not okay.
Our janitor isn't aggressive, on the contrary, I think he's a fairly calm person. I don't have neither negative nor positive feelings for him, I only know he's poor enough to raise 5 or 6 kids. And he, like every one of his class, takes money from people like us.

We blame poor people because we're not living the life we want. We, we're the selfish sick who want peace by fighting against the victim rather than the enemy. We're the ones who claim insecurity by calling the police so that we can get rid of the janitor and his poor family.

Together. With the police. They drove off. And happily, we pretended we lived in peace.

Screw this.