Questions That Might Kill You

It's been over a year, since the Arab uprising started. There are still questions unanswered, there are questions that we might never actually find answers for. But we're still looking. And like we've always been told: It's not the answer that makes you smart but the question.
I'm not sure this post will make things look better nor will make me, personally, feel better. But the questions are a must and are glued in my mind. I'll first start with the 5 whys that will lead to this post

  1. Why are there still people who believe that revolutionaries are a threat to the society? Because a happy slave doesn't know he's enslaved.
  2. Why are there still slaves? Because the State Tv is still broadcasting the same old shit.
  3. Why is the State Tv still broadcasting lies? Back to question one + Because it's easy to manipulate developing countries.
  4. Why is it easy to manipulate these countries? Because their dictators are born and raised by the filthy minds of the sick world rulers, who are nothing but slaves of money. Which leads us to a point where we can say that we're all slaves, but to the wrong object/person.
  5. Why are dictators raised by world rulers? Because as human beings, we need guidelines before we grow rich/successful. And to be that there must be a rule model. And role models never die. Which means evil will always exist as an element of life just like its opposite.

  • Why do idiots/slaves/dictators never know they're that idiot/enslaved/stupid?
  • Does the verb "dictate" have anything to do with the noun "dictator"?
  • Why does the poor have to be handcuffed in jail while dictators walk like they're going on a field trip?
  • Does Mubarak move in a helicopter because he's a pilot? If yes, then I wanna be a parachute woman!
  • What's the point behind never having enough?
  • Why haven't we attempted occupying Maspero until now? (State tv owned building)
  • Why hasn't the economy recovered since the revolution but the couple of days when the internet connection and phone connections were blocked, the economy was perfect?
  • Does the manipulated know he's being manipulated? If so, then does the manipulator also knows when he's manipulated? (Colorblind theory, I guess never)
  • What's with procrastination? No no, I mean the filthy kind of procrastination. I guess governments too suffer from it, not just the average citizen.
  • Why does the coward judge without being in the scene? Other than being a coward I mean.
  • Why do we read the same questions but never the same answers?
  • Where has "moderate" gone?
  • Why do words never end, yet silence is stronger?
  • Based on the previous question: If writers write because they want us to know we're stronger than that, why wouldn't writers not write?
  • And, if silence works with everything, wouldn't the world be a beautiful place if everyone just shut up?
Cuase I'll do.


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