The dream that consumed me!

Two days have passed and I still can't forget the death I dreamt about; was it really death that made me so persistent and made me hold on to life more, or was it just a metaphor in the dream, telling me to be stronger, in hard times? I don't know.
Of course I don't know how it started, but in the middle of the dream I was gun-shot three times in less than a moment of time; the first was straight at my heart, the second at my chest, the third at my chest from the right side a little bit. Thing is, I know that if you are dying in a dream and you don't wake up before you actually lose your last breath, you die in real life, which is a fact that I experienced before. I once was shot at my heart as well and was bleeding on a bathroom floor to death, and then I woke up with the most terrible heart and left arm pain ever.
Anyway, I didn't die in the dream, instead I kept walking and walking down the streets, and the best thing in the dream was that I uttered the Shahada even twice while walking. I tried to fix things, do things. I don't really remember dying in the dream (most probably I didn't, since I'm alive now and here), I remember, though, saying the Shahada for the third time before something critical happened.
My dreams are generally insignificant and without a meaning, but some dreams are really hard to forget - only because you feel like they tell something, rather than speculate something!
Ever since this dream, I don't know, I have one of the weirdest feelings ever; I do wanna die a decent death - and by that I mean martyrdom. But it was great, it was really great dying with bullets and uttering Shahada knowing that I was dying for a purpose.
Confession: Death dreams are consuming my sleep so much lately, and especially gunshot dreams, I don't know why. Does this have to do with anything related to the revolution? But I've had those dreams even before that, I remember pretty well. And Does this mean anything about death itself, or it's actually related to life?

ربنا يرزقنا حسن الخاتمة


deppy | September 30, 2011 at 3:40 PM

Amen to that.

First, I think seeing actual blood in the dream defeats the message. Ya3ni it might be a terrible reflection of your mood back then or some kind of fear/phobia, but not a message from Allah maslan.

Secondly, yes I believe gun shots dreams are related to the revolution, I dreamed I was shot by machine gun and I felt the bullets (uncountable shots) in my whole body until it's all numbed.

I guess we're all traumatized one way or another. I remember my brother telling me that everyone he knows got their share of guns and bullets related dreams and that I'm not alone.

Don't think about it, and just move on. And keep praying of حسن الخاتمه.

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