Stolen Quotes from songs

If I told you things I did before,
Told you how I used to be,
Would you go along
with someone like me?
Young Folks - Peter Bjorn and John

You were never supposed to leave,
Now my head's splitting at the seams
Radical face - Welcome home

Would you always? Maybe sometimes?
Make it easy? Take your time
Two Weeks - Grizzly Bear

Isn't life under the sun just a crazy dream?
Isn't life just a mirage of the world before the world?
Stillness of the move - Dirty projectors

All the words are gonna bleed from me
and I will think no more
And the stains coming from my blood tell me to go back home
Seven Nation Army - The white stripes

You are not ill and I'm not dead
Doesn't that make us a perfect pair?
The Modern Leper - Frightened Rabbit

You're resting on your laurels and
stepping on my toes
Whose side are you on?
What side is this anyway?
Moth's wings - Passion Pit

Success is so forbidding
But it makes me think I'm winning
Over and over again (Lost & Found) - Clap your hands and say Yeah

All your diction dripping with disdain
Through the pain, I always tell the truth
Oxford Comma - Vampire weekend

There were always golden rocks to throw
at those who admit defeat too late
Postcards from Italy - Beirut

People, they don't mean a thing to you
They move right through you
Just like your breath
An Honest mistake - The Bravery

It's bugging me, grating me,
and twisting me around
I'm endlessly caving in and
turning inside out
Hysteria - Muse

Source : Jonk Music


Noor | May 26, 2011 at 12:05 AM

Those are really good quotes. I especially loved this:
Would you always? Maybe sometimes?
Make it easy? Take your time

And can I just say among all those you mentioned I only know The Muse!

Knee | May 26, 2011 at 12:17 AM

Lol :D believe me, me too haha. I've never heard of these bands, and they honestly look creepy :D

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