Pay it Forward and Beyond

You want to change the world, right? I know. We all know. We all have this dream in common, it's like the trait that is born with us. It's like an every-day habit. However, once it's a habit, it is usually forgotten and folded with every other daily act.
We always refuse to be satisfied with the smallest things lest they perish in no time; it's always the oceanic differences that we want to make, why? Because the more we give, the more we want. The more we sacrifice, the more we expect to be appreciated. Sadly, it's hardly measured this way.
It's the fact that whenever the sacrifice is built on expectations, failure is a must-and then comes point zero: dissatisfaction with everything we do just because failure won the battle. It's sad, it's so sad that failure to us is not an option; it's impossible to fail, it's impossible to not find reward for what we give. It's just shameful.
But if you think about it, every little thing you do gets the attention of someone, it just depends on what you choose to do. An act of kindness, a cuss, a smile, a song you play, a word you wrote, a joke, a fight, an attempt to understand people around you. It's the smallest things that we refuse to accept just because their impact is small on the surface.
However and in fact,
  • It's when you smile for an old man who has been in pain that you change a life.
  • When you tell a girl she's beautiful that you make her day.
  • When you call a friend just to say Hi that you are remembered forever.
  • It's when you do a random act of kindness to a stranger that you give them so much hope for a better future. (I just remembered the Pay It Forward project).
  • When you give a hug randomly and spontaneously.
  • When you give a hand to someone.
  • Tell someone that you think of them.
  • It's when you do to people without thinking of yourself nor of rewards.

Bit by bit. Everything will start small, and once you spread those acts of kindness, you have unimaginably changed a thousand lives. And in the end we all die leaving a thousand things unforgotten. We all change the world somehow. But to the worst or the best, you alone choose.

Thank you for reading, I've probably just changed a life myself! =)


Noor | May 3, 2011 at 10:28 PM

Your blog needs some love. I loved this last bit "Thank you for reading, I've probably just changed a life myself! =) " You couldn't have chosen a better way to end it, ;)

Knee | May 3, 2011 at 11:17 PM

Thank you babe for always uplifting my spirit =) <3 <3

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