The Ideological Revolution

Everyone's venting, everyone's cursing; contradictions and paradoxes are everywhere. Friends have become enemies, normal people are calling themselves oh-so-politically-aware. Philosophies are a daily thing now, I stopped hearing any I-don't-knows, and eventually, I got bored of reading-basically, I hate reading now as much as I love it.
I do not know if I'm wasting or winning time, the more I read, the more I forget, and the more I know, the more ignorant I feel. There are a thousand questions in my mind that I fear if I let out, they will never make me feel better about anything; I don't know if we'll ever get the right answers, or at least get the wrong ones.
  • First we topple a president, then appear the pro-regime people; seriously, what kind of ignorance is this? What surprises me (or okay, I no longer act surprised anyway) is that they are people of a lower financial level, I guess not to mention the social level (A reason out of many?)
  • Second comes the media, which is something I have never really trusted: the number of martyrs, let's see..if not too many then it's hypocrisy and mendacity, if too exaggerated then it's the disorder and chaos they're trying to create out of an already-full-of-wrath revolution. I just don't get it.
  • Rumors: Check twitter, then facebook, then the tv, you'll most certainly find different news, what to believe is up to you; personal advice: ignore all what you find nonsense and form an opinion out of the reasonable, it will of course confuse you, and that's the point! Just keep looking and faith will find its way to your heart
  • Fetna: The fact that everything has its negativities and positivities, Facebook has evoked a revolution, a double-faced revolution to be frank, a revolution and an anti-revolution by another revolution (would rather call it protest though). It was miserably hilarious to read opinions with no justifications or plausible proofs, words of anger from the other side, a battle inside a battle, and infinite nothingness.

"Never forget public ignorance is the government's best friend." -Anonymous.

  • If we can measure the things we have learned with the things we have unlearned, I'd say we gained nothing: How do you consider political awareness yet disrespect for the other opinion a lesson? I mean not to defend, I only mean to go back to our routes: "مقابلة الإساءة بالإحسان", a lesson many of us have forgotten despite the unity.
  • How about considering we're all on the same boat now? Think about it..

I can only think now that I could never let out what's really within me, I just beg and pray, hope and plead that things will turn out to be something, we are already writing history; Please don't turn this ugly because your words are capable of another ideological revolution.

"I imagine that yes is the only living thing." -E.e Cummings


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