Some Things That Meant The World To Me [Full Review]

Some Things That Meant The World To Me is one of the weirdest novels I'd read and will ever read. I think. The plot is focused on Rhonda, a guy who suffers from depersonalization, which I found out to be some sort of a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Rhonda's past, full of abuse, sexual abuse, living with an abusive boyfriend of his Mom, and his alcoholic mother, seemed to haunt him all the way through the novel. Trying to find out the truth, he dug everywhere and could actually drive you a bit crazy with him.
The novel was a bit disturbing with all the self-loving, the sex life and the brutal beating. I could not bear to allow my imagination to swim that far, since I'm not a fan of such novels, though I don't mind them in movies. I guess this novel would make a good movie, too.

I liked the chapters' titles, some of them were catchy enough to get me into further reading. Especially with one entitled "Some Things That Meant The World To Me" and another one further entitled "Some Things That Bent The World For Me".

However, Mohr's prose is admirable. Not the style that would wow me, but it was actually pretty damn good. Fresh and sometimes music to the ears. I really liked it. I would buy another novel for him, only if it is not going to be that disturbing again.
His way of shifting between past, present and future did not confuse me like other novels. In fact it was very clear and subtle. I loved that.
Overall, I think Mohr's style is very interesting and inspiring!

There's something, though, that I still don't understand and still am trying to figure out. The Roschach tattoo Rhonda had, which is the one on the cover. I'm still trying to understand, from the point of view of someone who suffers depersonalization, what it meant.
Not to mention, it's one of the things that I really liked about the novel. Psychology always adds positivity to the novel for me.

Lastly, Quotes:

"Pigeons? They're so ugly"
"That's what I like about them"
"Their ugliness?"
"The fact that they can't hide it. The rest of us spend their whole lives trying to trick each other"

"I've been there"
"That place where life seems easy on everyone, except you"

"You won't know until you get older, baby, but it's awful to falter at something you used to be great at"

"Please, let him hurt me"


Noor | March 30, 2012 at 7:17 PM

Love the quote about pigeons!! Wow. I like how even with the disturbing content u found some good things about the book. It definitely sounds like something I would read.
You analyze things like a pro btw, I love that. You look deeper and beyond.

Read on and keep reviewing!

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