Art and Artists are two different things!

"This is a post from deep within"

I often wonder about the conclusion or the consequence I will get from writing all those thoughts down on my blogs. I often confuse writing my own thoughts with writing thoughts that would address humanity in a way that is unforgettable, with feelings that are palpable and words that are thinkable. I never got to experience the importance of my writings two years from today; every word was a mere consolation to my own struggles, or shall I say, simple experiences.
I think the first thing that tugs every artist into that precise kind of art is the self-struggle they are put through along the phases of their lives. There is always a need to run away from everything, to find shelter and a beautiful escape into something - and then the escape becomes the addiction, the habit, the talent. Everything then takes a path that we all know: casual pieces (either in music, writing, painting or drawing..etc) that are shared only on a personal level. And then things go step by step until you find yourself unable to be extremely happy UNLESS you're doing your own special art. It's a cure, but only if you know perfectly well how to take advantage of that.
Then you get to a point where you suffer with your incapability to create -- another phase of life probably interferes with your artistic thoughts, and then you either become numb, or you become so miserably exhausted from all the attempts that are left on your desktop or your folder as drafts. Too many draft. Just too many that you sense failure dragging you downwards, though inwardly, you're hysterically addicted. Still are.
This is the point I need to talk about the most in this article; the point where you start questioning your own talent and whether or not it's doing people any good.
Does your music inspire people to write more purposeful lyrics to be sung?
Do your portraits speak about something beautiful God has created, for people to ponder, deeply?
Do your writings hold ideas that can change the world in a way, or lessons and stories that let people know they are never alone? That we're all in this together and all we need is to understand that our thoughts are just about the same in different minds?
Let's face it, many of us never had these purposes when we started loving that artistic difference within us. Perhaps none of us now thinks they can truly, thoroughly change the world with some mere artistic piece. But you know, you can only achieve what you really believe in. Or say, what you really fight for before death's visit, let's just not be idealistic here.
For now, please remember that your art isn't yours, or let's say it's not yours alone. Your art is for the whole world, even if you think it's awful. The way we have different tastes is the reason why artists are still creating, because some people will loathe them, other people will fall in love.
Please right your purposes if they're wrong, or create them if you only use your art for your own consolation. Please put in mind that your art is an important factor in the lives of others. Compose lovingly. Portray inspiringly. Write wholeheartedly.
On a final note, never forget that you're a great source of inspiration to everyone, even if you don't get to see that. Here is me telling you.

Inspire on!

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Noor | August 15, 2011 at 1:49 AM

Thank you for writing about this, I know it's been on your mind for quite a while now so I'm sure you're at ease that it's out. Even if it only offers a little peace of mind.

You're right. And I feel you've written this for me, or people like me. We really need to understand this. I think for many of us it's the fear of not being understood the way we want to be understood, but that's not the point really. People will understand things based on their experiences and background, so you can't control that, all you can do is put your soul into it and release it into the universe.

Take your writings for an example, I always, always find myself smiling after reading them. Even, if you were writing about something 'dark'. So, please keep writing, I will too. There's so much inside of us that refuses to be unheard.

Knee | August 16, 2011 at 1:16 PM

Thank you so much for understanding what I'm going through. I truly felt like something was suffocating me that day, like words really were killing me!

I totally agree with you, besides, there will always always be someone who will find our art related.
I'm so glad my writings actually do something, it's the same here wallahi as I mentioned in the fb PM.

Let's keep on trying to be heard somehow =)

Rummuser | August 17, 2011 at 3:03 PM

My late wife was an artist of renown with her works in many important collections in India and overseas. After our son was born and when my career took off into orbit, she voluntarily gave up her own career and never regretted it for the rest of her life. Her teacher, another famous artist, always blamed me for that and I always told him that I married the artist not the art. Her art was the wonderful family that she gave us.

Knee | August 18, 2011 at 2:46 AM

This is actually a beautiful story =) thank you for sharing!

Maha | August 24, 2011 at 2:10 AM

Your post drove me to think.
I never cared and do not think I ever will for whomever reads what I write. I do not think I will care either if it makes a difference or not. I cannot tell exactly why I write, but I know it's only for me that I do it.

Knee | August 24, 2011 at 11:07 AM

Right your purpose the =) and your latest Arabic poem could make a difference in people's lives 3ala fekra. No kidding.

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