10 Movie Characters From Real Life

1. Lucy
Movie: 50 First Dates
Real name: Michelle Philpots

2. Zorro
Movie: The Mask of Zorro
Real name: Joaquin Murrieta

3. Viktor Navorski
Movie: The Terminal
Real name: Mehran Nasseri

4. Rocky Balboa
Movie: Rocky
Real name: Chuck Wepner

5. Indiana Jones (1981-2008)
Real name: Hiram Bingham III

6. Danny Ocean
Movie: Ocean’s Eleven
Real name: Vicotr Lusting In Real Life

7. James Bond
Real name: Sidney Reilly

8. Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell
Movie: Top Gun
Real name: Randy “Duke” Cunningham

9. Andy Dufresne
Movie: The Shawshank Redemption
Real name: David McMillan

10. Doc Emmet Brown
Movie: Back To The Future
Real name: Ronald Mallett



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