Reflections on Twenty-ten

I'm going to list the things that I've learned over the year, so that whenever I come back to this post, in case I forgot my lessons, I'd remember them with (hopefully) a smile (:
I will post something similar on my other blog, but since it's more personal, let's stick to the general points here and the personal ones there.

1- Patience (ongoing).
2- Not judge according to one side of the story.
3- Depression is not what we go through in our daily life (Check this post).
4- The things I have mentioned in the books reviews I have read this year, including the quotes. In other words, to read more!
5- Persistence is what will always keep us going.
6- At the end of the tunnel you'll find what you choose to see.
7- I have learned to live with my imperfections and try to fix what could be fixed.
8- To pray more. The feeling I get when I pray now is so much different than before..
9- It only takes a leap of courage to do it (:
10- Pain is an awfully good teacher to the "be stronger" lessons.
11- When you accept your end, you'll actually start to be even more positive than before!
12- Reading is an addiction that only the crazy will appreciate.
13- Friends, I keep learning that friends are the most dazzling gift Allah has given us.
14- At the hour of breakdown you will still remember the people who love you, and it will make you feel better.
15- You are never, ever, EVER...alone.
16- Nothing can stop you if you want to and can do it!
17- There are too many people who need your heart to sympathize with them, you do that and you'll be rewarded sooner or later.
18- Pretense sometimes is an awesome way to deal with whom you have no escape but to deal with.
19- Crying actually makes us stronger, on the long run though.
20- Love will never perish =)


Noor | December 30, 2010 at 10:45 PM

I envy the fact that you can sit down and write this, putting what you've learned in words!! <3
I loooved all but those especially:
12- Reading is an addiction that only the crazy will appreciate.
15- You are never, ever, EVER...alone.

Knee | January 1, 2011 at 6:58 PM

It's nice to ponder your life through the years yeah =)

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